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  • Schriftzug


    Neukölln Art Prize 2024

    The Galerie im Saalbau presents the seven nominated artists for Neukölln Art Prize 2024 in a group exhibition.

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  • Image for SOY DREAMS



    Elisa Duca’s artistic practice is shaped by transcultural experiences of foreignness and has its place in post-migrant society. In her performative installations she creates living mixed states, hybrids, in which the dissolution of binaries can be experienced.

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  • Black writing on cut paper


    Sound of Silence

    The apparent tranquility of things often hides incongruities. Océane Moussé’s exhibition of smudged, crumpled, accumulated, layered, and tattered landscapes reveals a latent tension and underscores the persistent idea that one landscape can conceal another.

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  • Image for Glass Barriers


    Glass Barriers

    We live in a class society in which not everyone has the same opportunities for personal development from birth. Social mobility is possible, but strongly influenced by family resources. To what extent does an examination of class and classism take place in the visual arts?

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  • Auf einem rosa Hintergrund ist in einer ornamentalen Schrift der Titel der Ausstellung


    An Imagination of Bodily Autonomy

    Seven international artists explore the concept of bodily autonomy through different artistic media and invite visitors to imagine what it would be like if everyone could decide freely and without restrictions about their bodies.

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  • Lettering


    Neukölln Art Prize 2023

    The Galerie im Saalbau presents the seven nominated artists for Neukölln Art Prize 2023 in a group exhibition.

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  • Banner mit Capi und deutscher Flagge mit Kleeblatt. Es steht geschrieben: Mit ein bisschen Glück... groß gewinnen!


    With a bit of luck...win big!

    A good immigrant always speaks in German, no matter how broken; a bad immigrant only uses another language.

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  • Zwei Bilder auf einem Foto: auf der einen Seite sieht man Autokarrosserie, auf der Anderen grüne Natur.


    spare part bodies

    The exhibition SPARE PART BODIES by Ingeborg Lockemann and Birgit Schlieps presents works of various transformative processes of trash.

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  • Das Bild zeigt eine verpixelte Ansicht eines Computerscreens. Kleine Zellen, die wie eine Excel Tabelle aussehen und mit Emojis gefüllt sind, ergeben das Bild einer Palme und eines Computermonitors.


    c / o – in other people's hands

    Affective Infrastructures and Working Interiors

    The artists raise the question of how new technologies and digital and physical architectures control our emotions and bodies.

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  • Image for 48 hours Novosibirsk


    48 hours Novosibirsk

    The exhibition “48 hours Novosibirsk” is a guest contribution of the Siberian festival of the same name. After artists from Neukölln participated in the Novosibirsk festival, artist positions of Novosibirsk show a multifaceted picture of oppression and counterpressure - snapshots from the time before the war of aggression against Ukraine.

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