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Elisa Duca’s artistic practice is shaped by transcultural experiences of foreignness and has its place in post-migrant society. In her performative installations she creates living mixed states, hybrids, in which the dissolution of binaries can be experienced. The mixture of materials she uses - such as slime, synthetic resin, organic and inorganic substances and cultural artifacts - corresponds to the hierarchy-free mixture of applied media processing and representation methods.
The works focus on the interplay of human and non-human beings in everyday life and open up to the influences of non-human actors in their process of creation.
In the solo exhibition Soy Dreams Elisa Duca shows two series created during the pandemic: “Lost in Hong Kong (unbalanced)” and “Soy Dreams”. She uses everyday objects from the street. The objects based on synthetic resin or silicone are new mixtures of organic and inorganic material in various states of decay; they are fossils of the present.
The new work based on the digital processing of cityscapes and everyday objects scanned in Hong Kong and Berlin, which are fused together in the exhibition to form a metropolitan hybrid. It is about transforming data back into haptic materiality, using techniques that do justice to the reality captured and the intangibility of its nature.
The exhibition brings together the reality of East and Southeast Asian megacities experienced on extended research trips with the reality of Neukölln, where the artist has been during the pandemic. Hong Kong and Neukölln are wired. Soy Dreams invites us to understand the post-pandemic Anthropocene through the experience of art as a space for developing visions of the future, as a place, where non-binary homelessness overcomes old opposites.

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