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    With a bit of luck...win big!

    A good immigrant always speaks in German, no matter how broken; a bad immigrant only uses another language.

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    Neuköllner Kunstpreis 2023

    The Galerie im Saalbau presents the seven nominated artists for the Neuköllner Kunstpreis 2023 in a group exhibition.

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    spare part bodies

    The exhibition SPARE PART BODIES by Ingeborg Lockemann and Birgit Schlieps presents works of various transformative processes of trash.

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  • Das Bild zeigt eine verpixelte Ansicht eines Computerscreens. Kleine Zellen, die wie eine Excel Tabelle aussehen und mit Emojis gefüllt sind, ergeben das Bild einer Palme und eines Computermonitors.


    c / o – in other people's hands

    Affective Infrastructures and Working Interiors

    The artists raise the question of how new technologies and digital and physical architectures control our emotions and bodies.

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    48 hours Novosibirsk

    The exhibition “48 hours Novosibirsk” is a guest contribution of the Siberian festival of the same name. After artists from Neukölln participated in the Novosibirsk festival, artist positions of Novosibirsk show a multifaceted picture of oppression and counterpressure - snapshots from the time before the war of aggression against Ukraine.

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    Viviana Druga in collaboration with Tiberiu Bleoancă

    “There are only two things sauna cannot cure: death and a broken heart“ - Finnish proverb

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  • Schriftzug Neuköllner Kunstpreis auf blauen Hintergrund


    Neuköllner Kunstpreis 2022

    Galerie im Saalbau presents in a group exhibition the artworks of seven nominated artists for the Neuköllner Kunstpreis 2022.

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