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    Viviana Druga in collaboration with Tiberiu Bleoancă

    “There are only two things sauna cannot cure: death and a broken heart“ - Finnish proverb

    • Tiberiu Bleoancă
    • Viviana Druga
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  • Schriftzug Neuköllner Kunstpreis auf blauen Hintergrund


    Neuköllner Kunstpreis 2022

    Galerie im Saalbau presents in a group exhibition the artworks of seven nominated artists for the Neuköllner Kunstpreis 2022.

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  • Image for To Be Continued


    To Be Continued

    Traces of the Collective

    The artist collective TBC exhibits traces of their common, neighborly work.

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  • Image for Gunilla Jähnichen –  @wut


    Gunilla Jähnichen – @wut

    In her “@wut” (@anger) exhibition, Gunilla Jähnichen thematically confronts anger and attempts to fathom the ambiguity of it as a feeling.

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  • or einem Vorhang sind verschiedene Silhuetten von Menschen zu erkennen


    Of Revealing Scars and Concealing Material

    Textile as a language of resilience

    With visible stitches, the artists in this exhibition reveal their personal scars and offer insights into strategies for self-preservation and healing. Sutures, visible traces in tissue, represent the process of artistic work and the wound healing that accompanies it. The stories of these women become visible — stories that had been concealed behind material, hidden by material. Hand-sewn textile works testify to resilience and are a collective protest against invisibility, oppression, and violence.

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  • buntes Geschicht mit dem Schriftzug das Ich im Wir


    das Ich im Wir

    In everyday life, we are constantly surrounded by images. They shape the way we perceive other people and cultures.

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