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    Sound of Silence

    The apparent tranquility of things often hides incongruities. Océane Moussé’s exhibition of smudged, crumpled, accumulated, layered, and tattered landscapes reveals a latent tension and underscores the persistent idea that one landscape can conceal another.

    • Océane Moussé
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  • Image for Familiar Strangers


    Familiar Strangers

    Elisa Duca’s artistic practice is shaped by transcultural experiences of foreignness and has its place in post-migrant society. In her performative installations she creates living mixed states, hybrids, in which the dissolution of binaries can be experienced.

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  • Schriftzug


    Neuköllner Kunstpreis 2024

    The Galerie im Saalbau presents the seven nominated artists for Neukölln Art Prize 2023 in a group exhibition.

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