Das Bild zeigt eine Person, die unscharf fotografiert ist und auf einer Straße steht, neben ihr ist ein Auto zu sehen.
© Julie Legouez

Do you feel me now?

“Do you feel me now?” sings Britney Spears in her song Toxic and forms the symbolic figure of the exhibition by Julie Legouez, Evelina Reiter and Shona Stark. Spears embodies the multi-layered aspects of female representation. In a world where the media and the public have a significant influence on how women are perceived, the exhibition offers a platform for reflection and interpretation of the deep-rooted prejudices against women.

The artworks in the exhibition “Do you feel me now?” shed light on the complex connections between women, their identity and the way they are represented in the media. The exhibition allows visitors to delve deep into this subject matter and develop a broader understanding of the power of images and narratives to shape our perceptions.

Participating artists