Glass Barriers
© Beatris Wakaresko

Glass Barriers

We live in a class society in which it is very difficult to climb up the social ladder. Social mobility is not impossible, but strongly influenced by family resources. Economic, social and cultural capital determine the reality of life for all of us – for some this results in privileges, for others in discrimination. People who have experienced a class change move between adaptation and exposure. Speech, movement, gestures and confidence can reveal the class. Only a few manage to climb up the social ladder addressing their social background, which is why classism often remains invisible.

How does classism translate into visual art?

The exhibition focuses on interviews about experiences of classism and feelings of inner turmoil, shame, betrayal and loss that often result from entering a “better” class. “Class Crossers” move between two worlds and develop a split habitus. The visitors should be encouraged to question their own class background.

What privileges do you have when visiting the exhibition? Are you a “class crosser” yourself and are you aware of your class affiliation?

Curated by Beatris Wakaresko

Participating artists