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  • Auf grünem Untergrund steht: Neuköllner Kunstpreis.


    Neukölln Art Prize 2020

    There is an abundance of high-quality work produced in Neukölln’s vibrant art sce-ne. The Neukölln Art Prize reflects this richness and professionalism with applica-tions from nearly 170 artists working or living in Neukölln. Eight of those applicants have been nominated for the art prize, worth a total of 6000 euros, by a jury of sev-en experts. Their works feature in a group exhibition at Galerie im Saalbau.

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  • Eine Möwe fliegt über ein Feld


    Kati Gausmann – dancing dough and circumstances

    Can the Earth be considered a sculptural body in motion? Artist Kati Gausmann deals with geological processes. She recognises our planet as a material in which structural forces are at work and which is in constant flux.

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  • Eine Frau steht vor einem See in der Wüste


    Franca Wohlt – Fata Morgana

    Franca Wohlt takes the many ways humans shape and transform their environment as a jumping-off point for her photographic work. Three very different series by Wohlt produced over the past ten years document traces left by past and current social visions.

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  • schwarzer Halbkreis übr einem hellen Grundriss


    Saeed Foroghi / Thilo Droste – Think positive!

    The “Think positive!” exhibition by Saeed Foroghi and Thilo Droste is a challenge not just to the spirit, but also to looking. And to being looked at. Pessimism has become part of the artistic program here rather than a signifier of any spiritual failing.

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  • Blick drurch ein Gebäude in den Himmel



    Artistic interventions transform the gallery space to create an imaginary sphere that oscillates between present and future.
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  • Image for City Movement – Of People and Places


    City Movement – Of People and Places

    The works presented in the exhibition ask about freedom and control in public space: Does movement mean freedom or is there an (in) arbitrary choreography, a restriction of urban movement space through repression, structural obstacles, political, social and economic processes? Different artistic approaches show the physical presence in urban space and its aesthetic expression from a variety of perspectives.

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  • Image for Claudia von Funcke – The Folded City


    Claudia von Funcke – The Folded City

    After producing work on Cairo and Berlin, Claudia von Funcke imagines in this exhibition a fictional urban development of London, whereby she shows its disruptive totality and constant vibration. With a walk-in video installation, photographs and “spatial folds” in metal and paper, the artist explores new approaches to urbanization and reflects the city as a utopian montage space.

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  • Image for Robert Stokowy – structures [ berlin ]


    Robert Stokowy – structures [ berlin ]

    Robert Stokowy erschafft eine radikal ortsspezifische, mehrkanalige Klanginstallation, welche auf Hörstudien im ganzen Berliner Stadtgebiet basiert.

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  • View of the exhibition



    Anna Faroqhi & Haim Peretz in collaboration with Mohammad Stas

    The exhibition focuses on contemporary stories of flight and displacement.

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  • Entrance area of the gallery with black square panels engraved with planetary orbits


    QUADRATURE - Levels of expansion

    The artist collective Quadrature experiments with the contradictory and ambiguous nature of our civilization’s reference to space and its expansion into the (un)known universe.

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