Eine Frau steht vor einem See in der Wüste
© Franca Wohlt

Franca Wohlt – Fata Morgana

Franca Wohlt takes the many ways humans shape and transform their environment as a jumping-off point for her photographic work. She explores the dynamics of community and social forms of expression such as culture, ideology, politics, and economics through their materialisation in landscapes, buildings, and technical structures.

Individuals position themselves within social frameworks, disoriented at times, questioning their chance of having any effect on existing conditions. Globalisation, digital media, and virtual worlds influence our social structures and open up seemingly limitless possibilities. Questions of what is really true and what may become a reality in the future inevitably arise, creating both fear and hope.

Three very different series by Wohlt produced over the past ten years document traces left by past and current social visions. Speculation that has become reality: bunkers in Switzerland, the development of space travel companies, and a personal story that illustrates the fact that all realities begin in the mind.