Gunilla Jähnichen –  @wut
© Gunilla Jähnichen

Gunilla Jähnichen – @wut

In her “@wut” (@anger) exhibition, Gunilla Jähnichen thematically confronts anger and attempts to fathom the ambiguity of it as a feeling.

In our society, almost no other emotion is as unwanted as anger. Uncontrolled aggression is seen as a powerful expression of evil. However, anger can also be a warning signal, help set clear boundaries, bring unpleasant situations to an end, release inner tension. Those who don’t find socially acceptable ways of releasing anger are at risk of developing self-destructive behaviours. Socially, anger may be necessary to draw attention to injustices when other criticism has been ineffective.

This complex feeling is reflected through Gunilla Jähnichen’s sophisticated personal approach, with humour in her paintings and sculptures. An angry person often feels almost possessed in the heat of the moment, as though something “other” has taken control of them. Jähnichen’s figures reflect this other and its adversaries: those who wonder.

Exhibtion October 9 – November 28, 2021