Exhibition view
© Nihad Nino Pusija

The chewed object

By instinctively ingesting material and spiritual food, which is essential for survival, and chewing it, humans internalize and assimilate the outside world. An elaborate transformation process takes place in which new material is broken down and processed. This can nourish but also burden - power and powerlessness often lie close together. The exhibition brings together objects, collages, tapestries and paintings with a great organic feel and a wide variety of materials. Together they form a universe whose spectrum ranges from the smallest inner cell to the largest outer cosmos. The six artists are rooted in both Mexico and Germany. They have maintained a lively dialog for many years, so that their very different approaches are in close contact with each other in this exhibition.

December 1, 2018 - January 27, 2019

Participating artists

Héctor Velázquez, self-portrait, 2018 (sculpture on the left), in the background the wallpaper series by Sandra Contreras Exhibition view Héctor Velázquez, Krächz-Alge, 2017 Room view View of a corner of a room, on the left wall is an eye-shaped object made from a paella pan, protractors and sewing silk, on the right wall is the exhibition text for the exhibition On the wall in the foreground are two skull-like sculptures wrapped in colored sewing silk, while a translucent cotton hanging with black embroidery can be seen in the background through the passageway next to it. A red and blue embroidery in a round wooden embroidery frame, the shape resembles a network of nerves or concentric blood vessels.