Vernissage BEBEN
© Marc Pampus

Cathérine Kuebel /Sabine Ammer - Beben (tremor)

The term “beben” (tremor) describes a moment of absolute tension in which both muscles and soul tremble. “Beben” is ambivalent because it can be both tension, followed by an explosion, and relaxation, followed by a lull. But it is never calm, never still; it is a paradoxical state implying simultaneity and change — anticipation, event, and reverberation.
For the BEBEN exhibition, Cathérine Kuebel and Sabine Ammer develop four idea spaces that illuminate different aspects of the tremor. Sabine Ammer’s painterly-abstract approach and Cathérine Kuebel’s narrative-poetic concepts complement one another. Painting responds to sculpture, sculpture to text, text to installations, and installations in turn to painting.

September 12 - November 1, 2015

Participating artists