Das Bild zeigt eine verpixelte Ansicht eines Computerscreens. Kleine Zellen, die wie eine Excel Tabelle aussehen und mit Emojis gefüllt sind, ergeben das Bild einer Palme und eines Computermonitors.
© Jinran Ha / Judith Weber

c / o – in other people's hands

Affective Infrastructures and Working Interiors

What are the interiors we physically and digitally inhabit? How do market-oriented interests and neoliberal clichés of the ‘good life’ creep into the way we plan our lives, design our urban and private spaces, and interact with others? Can we develop other models to navigate the entangled web of work, participation, digitality, and bodily experience?

Behind the seemingly pleasant term of Shared Economy, whose forms we see everywhere in Berlin and Neukölln, lies an aggressive digital platform capitalism. It promises constant and convenient availability of goods and services, but creates precarious working conditions, transforms common property into private property, and drives the fragmentation of society into ever smaller parts – the antithesis of ‘sharing together.’

Transit spaces, conflicting projections of the future, places of longing, autonomy and dependency – contested interiors of a new world of work and life, upon whose threshold we currently find ourselves. c/o – in other people’s hands. Affective Infrastructures and Working Interiors explores how new technologies of the digital economy control emotions and bodies. Through installation, video, photography, and sound, we investigate how those accompanying digital and physical architectures determine everyday life, shape our behaviors and habits, and influence collective feelings – and how these shifts can be negotiated and resisted.

Exhibition August 13 – October 9, 2022

The exhibition is accompanied by a program of events. Fore information can be found here.

Participating artists

View of the room. Thre is a meditarranean room installation with carpet and beanbags (made of various materials) on the floor. Cardboard columns and plants stand alongside. In the back room you can see a door on the pedestal. Art installation on the wall. Materials: Light bulbs, paper stuck on the wall, shapes, metal parts and glass stacked up like a cake. Room instrallation consisting of a brown and white carpet, around it are slippers and a small table. A golden bag hangs from the ceiling. View of the room, there is writing on the walls and notes stuck to the corner of the wall, there are cups on the floor in front of it. Room view. The installation shows a mediterranean room made of wood, plants standing around, golden bags hanging from the ceiling. View of the room. View behind the mediterranean room installation. A person looks at the artwork. View to the window. There are scattered plants on the floor. Room view. Two white doors stand on a pedestal. Pictures hang on the walls, in the background the other room is dark. There something is projected on the wall with a beamer. On the wall hang two pictures showing architectural buildings in combination with food. A luminous room humidifier is placed on a pedestal. View of the room from below. In the foreground on the floor are cups with red writing. On the corner of the wall there are strips of paper with red writing. In the room behind, a green picture (Film clip) is projected on the wall with the beamer. Dark view of the room. A picture (film clip) from the beamer is projected on the wall. there is a bench, a metal table and a television in the room. Dark view of the room. There is a metal table with a yellow tabletop and a stack of of papers on it. A blue glowing screen shows an explanatory graphic. Exterior view of the gallery in the Saalbau. People are standing in front of it, dressed in summer clothes and talking to each other.