• Performance

WAR and peace

Multimedia performance

The sauna offers us a protected space, a chance to escape from reality and achieve a peaceful state of mind.

But there is war.
It is important that people who don’t live in the war area are aware of their responsibility.
Is it possible or allowed for people who are not directly affected by war to detach themselves from their own consciousness, to forget the war for a brief moment and enjoy life?
We struggle with feelings of guilt, sorrow, despair, repression, but at the same time we feel relief. We should give space to these emotions and keep them in balance - so we are capable of helping the people who are directly affected by the war and ourselves.

This performance was created in collaboration with perforamtive artist Loretta Lau, sound artist Barry Wan and visual artist Petr Hanžl. Using sound, visual projections, and rhythmic movement, the goal is to create a meditative experience that reminds the audience of their role in relation to the globally inhumane mechanisms of the 21st century.

Die Künstlerin Loretta Lau mit einem Räucherstäbchen
© Juan David Cevallos
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