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To Be Continued: Traces of the Collective

Exhibition opening “To Be Continued: Traces of the Collective”

The collective To Be Continued (TBC) emerged from a neighborhood artist exchange. The artists meet regularly to talk about experiences and working conditions in the art field, searching for ways to escape the tiresome competitive situation. A first joint presentation of their work took place in 2019 under the title TBA (To Bo Announced) as part of 48 Stunden Neukölln. Almost all of the artists live in Neukölln or have their studios here.

For their exhibition in Galerie im Saalbau, TBC divides the space into an exhibition part and a “back room”. In the front various artworks are put into relation to each other, while for the “back room” they developed a site-specific spatial architecture, creating a space for lingering, in which the traces of the collective and the work processes become visible. One window will also be converted into a showcase to extend the exhibition to the street and the public space.

The artists work with different media: they paint, collage, work installatively, with film and text – and have started to make music during the pandemic. For this exhibition, they refrain from an overarching topic and take the freedom to focus on the interplay of their works. The exhibition is a space for experiments – in terms of their communication, but also in the selection of works, some of which involve new formats and media.

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