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c/o – in other people's hands. Affective Infrastructures and Working Interiors

What are the interiors we physically and digitally inhabit? How do market-oriented interests and neoliberal clichés of the ‘good life’ creep into the way we plan our lives, design our urban and private spaces, and interact with others? Can we develop other models to navigate the entangled web of work, participation, digitality, and bodily experience?

Behind the seemingly pleasant term of Shared Economy, whose forms we see everywhere in Berlin and Neukölln, lies an aggressive digital platform capitalism. It promises constant and convenient availability of goods and services, but creates precarious working conditions, transforms common property into private property, and drives the fragmentation of society into ever smaller parts – the antithesis of ‘sharing together.’

Transit spaces, conflicting projections of the future, places of longing, autonomy and dependency – contested interiors of a new world of work and life, upon whose threshold we currently find ourselves. c/o – in other hands. Affective Infrastructures and Working Interiors explores how new technologies of the digital economy control emotions and bodies. Through installation, video, photography, and sound, we investigate how those accompanying digital and physical architectures determine everyday life, shape our behaviors and habits, and influence collective feelings – and how these shifts can be negotiated and resisted.

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