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Performance accompanying the finissage of the exhibition during 48 Hours Neukölln

As part of the exhibition An Imagination of Bodily Autonomy, French artist Fanny Gicquel created a sculptural installation, encouraging visitors to move their bodies among the objects and inviting the visitors to imagine how it would be like to engage with them. For the last day of the exhibition, the installation will be performatively activated, choreographed by the artist and performed by performer Camilla Brogaard.

The performer interacts with the objects in discreet, almost imperceptible ways; images resembling a tableau vivant emerge, inviting visitors to linger and contemplate. Boundaries between the bodies of the performers and the objects become increasingly blurred. They become extensions of one another, raising the questions if the performer are reacting to the objects or — vice versa — if the objects are reacting to the performers.

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© Benjamin Renter
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