• Artist Talk

Artist Talk

with Gunilla Jähnichen and Beatris Wakaresko

On the occasion of the exhibition “@wut” (@anger), curator Beatris Wakaresko joins artist Gunilla Jähnichen in a conversation about the ambivalence of the emotion anger and the artistic confrontation with it.

In our society, almost no other emotion is as unwanted as anger. However, anger can also be a warning signal, help set clear boundaries, bring unpleasant situations to an end, and release inner tension.

Through the personnel she has developed, Gunilla Jähnichen reflects this complex feeling in a humorous way in her paintings and sculptures.

Current Corona health regulations apply. Participation is limited to 15 people.

6 runde Kreise mit wütenden Gesichtern in grellen Farben
© Gunilla Jähnichen / Nihad Nino Pušija
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