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Closing event with the artists

Neukölln Art Prize 2024

Curators Sandra Teitge will guide through the exhibition in a conversation with artists Sophia Uckmann, Ceren Saner, Johanna Brummack, Veneta Androva, Christian Diaz Orejarena, Constanze Vogt, and Marta Djourina

Galerie im Saalbau will present the works of the nominees in a group exhibition. This will give visitors an authentic insight into the multi-layered production and special quality of the works of Neukölln artists, which are created here every day in countless studios, apartments and project spaces. In the context of the exhibition the three winners are determined. (1st prize: 3,000 euros, 2nd prize: 2,000 euros, 3rd prize: 1,000 euros).

A person lies in a purple hammock and wears headphones
© Benjamin Renter, VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn
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