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An Imagination of Bodily Autonomy


Introduction by the curator Nina Marlene Kraus

An Imagination of Bodily Autonomy is an exhibition project based on the body. The body is a crucial site into which patriarchal structures are inscribed. Women, queer, trans, BiPoc, and people with disabilities all know what it means to live in this world with a body that deviates from the purported norm.

The long-standing slogan of feminist movements in the struggle for the right to safe and freely accessible abortion, “My Body, My Choice,” serves as the starting point for a subjective, fragmentary investigation of the concept of bodily autonomy. Seven international artists show their individual approaches to the topic in different artistic media.

On the border between fragility and resilience, this is not an escape from reality, but a self-confident statement: the artists take what is theirs. For the duration of their visit to the exhibition, visitors of they gallery enter an alternative space in which they can imagine what it would be like if everyone could decide freely and without restrictions about their bodies.

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