Flyer Festival
© Ji Hee Lee

Verhülltes entdecken!

Festival as part of DRAUSSENSTADT for visual arts, theatre and music in public spaces

No livestreams, filmed documentaries, virtual spaces or digital formats - instead, we want to transform the current pandemic-related challenges into opportunities for participation and continue to provide access to art and culture with the “Verhülltes entdecken!” festival - not indoors, not online - but outdoors in Neukölln!
Nine very different, partly participatory art projects in public spaces not only deal with the pandemic-related changes that our society has undergone and with feelings and emotions in nervous times, but also deal with the revelation of hidden or forgotten history. Socially relevant topics will come to light again this weekend.
What will be revealed this weekend in Neukölln, what will remain hidden?

Programme overview:

Fri 1.10 and Sat 2.10.
each 6 - 9 pm
Aufbruch Neukölln e.V.
Uthmannstraße 17-19, 12043 Berlin

The Turkish shadow theatre “Karagöz”, originally a puppet theatre in which the inhabitants of Istanbul revealed everyday stories, serves as the starting point for a transfer to everyday life in Neukölln. Satire, crude wit and a lot of humour are elementary components of this art form.
→ Turkish shadow theatre, workshop, Aufbruch Neukölln e.V. in cooperation with the artist Caspar Pauli

1 - 3 Oct. daily
8 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Columbiadamm cemetery
Columbiadamm 122, 10965 Berlin

The cemetery on Columbiadamm reflects the history of the German Reich, colonialism and genocide. It is Germany’s first Muslim cemetery, Berlin’s historic central military cemetery and the site of the “Herero Stone”, a controversial memorial to the perpetrators of German colonial crimes against the Herero and Nama. In conversations with activists, historians, cultural workers, cemetery employees and visitors, Still Fields examines the contradictory past and present of the cemetery.
→ Sound installation in 3 parts, Ali El-Darsa and Elias Kosanke.
The installation can only be heard via smart phone with internet and headphones.

10 a.m. - 8 p.m.
Hobrechtstraße 54, 12047 Berlin

The question of the extent to which state interventions shape the architectural design of public space and how this is adapted and transformed by citizens are central elements of Andrea Pichl’s art project. The original façade constructions are concealed and revealed in new models in order to perceive the surroundings in a different way.
→ Installation, Zönetheka represented by Mate Feles in cooperation with Andrea Pichel

Sun 3.10.
10 - 20 h
Hobrechtstraße 54, 12047 Berlin

In her research project Musa × paradisiaca L., Martina Pozzan uses large-format photographs to examine the preservation of biodiversity through biological collections and questions the responsibility of reproduction. In the cooperation programme with Critique & Culture, ZÖNOTÉKA’s display window area will be transformed into a public laboratory of experiments in which questions of ecological and social sustainability will be addressed.
→ Photographs, Zönetheka represented by Mate Feles in cooperation with Martina Pozzan

1.-3. 10.
Fri 1 Oct. 4 - 8 pm / Sat 2 Oct. 10 - 8 pm / Sun 3 Oct. 10 - 4 pm
Alfred-Scholz Platz, 12043 Berlin
What are our deepest fears and apocalyptic scenarios for the future? In response to the current chaotic global situation, the installation IP (Information Post) allows people to participate in the creation of a “worst-case scenario” in a cathartic way. Will the “post-Covid” popular imagination be revealed in this dystopian work of art?
→ Installation, ON/OFF: Berk Asal, Dan Dorocic, Gianni Laneri Deforne, Michael Maginess

1.-3. 10.
daily 8 - 9 pm
Kindl-Treppe Neckarstraße 9, 12053 Berlin
During the performance, various fantastic figures with magical powers that were created during the neighbourhood project “Kosmo-Noten” will be brought to life. They have decided to unveil themselves and get in touch with people.
→ Theatre, music, performance, Artistania e.V.

Sat 2.10.
Installation from 5 pm / Performance 6 pm
Körnerpark / Kaskaden
Schierkerstraße 8, 12051 Berlin

This site-specific performance for words and sound (saxophone) reveals themes that get under the skin: social and emotional nudity, the freedom of the hidden, distance, loneliness, fear, loss of identity as well as disguise as self-expression or uniformity.
→ Installation, performance, music Anna Kaluza, Hans Morgeneyer, Aneh Ondare

Sun 3.10.
10 am - 8 pm
*Hobrechtstraße 54, 12047 Berlin
A pandemic is changing our needs for indoors and outdoors - the home is no longer a social meeting point - but we are opening up online more than ever. These experiences are processed experimentally in an open-air live performance.
→ Performance / video transmission, Reka Fesus, Salber Lee Williams

Fri 1.10.
6 - 9 pm
Garden in front of the theatre workshop “Hauser - Dramatische Republik”
Schudomastrasse 32, 12055, Berlin

Nice to be outside? Pandemic-related shifts of public life outside contrast with the topic of homelessness and exclusion from society, being “left outside” due to racism. The artist collective Macho ano len explores these themes with performances as well as video and photo installations.
→ Installation, performance, music, intervention, Macho ano len Hamze Bytyçi, Radio Django. Rolf Kemnitzer, Riah Knight, Slaviša and Nebojša Marković, Nihad Nino Pušija, Matthias Schellenberger (Masch), Zani Sizani, George M. Vasilescu, Daniel Wittkopp, Amira Zarari

Curated by Dorothee Bienert, Yolanda Kaddu-Mulindwa, Daniela Nadwornicek
Karagöz im Aufbruch, Aufbruch Neukölln e.V. Karagöz im Aufbruch Inside-out Privacy Welcome to my bedroom!, Reka Fesus, Salber Lee Williams Inside-out Privacy Welcome to my bedroom!, Reka Fesus, Salber Lee Williams Still fields, Ali El-Darsa und Elias Kosanke Info-Post, ON/OFF: Berk Asal, Dan Dorocic u.v.m. Roher Haut - Bare with me, Anna Kaluza, Hans Morgeneyer, Aneh Ondare Rohe Haut - Bare with me, Anna Kaluza, Hans Morgeneyer, Aneh Ondare Roher Haut - Bare with me, Anna Kaluza, Hans Morgeneyer, Aneh Ondare Still outside(r), Hamze Bytyci, Nihad Nino Pusija, Riah Knight, Amira Zarari u.v.m. Still outside(r), Hamze Bytyci, Nihad Nino Pusija, Riah Knight, Amira Zarari u.v.m. Sky-call: Eine neue Komödie für die Zukunft, Artistania e.V.