• Vernissage

Sound of Silence


The apparent tranquility of things often hides incongruities. Océane Moussé’s exhibition of smudged, crumpled, accumulated, layered, and tattered landscapes reveals a latent tension and underscores the persistent idea that one landscape can conceal another. For beneath this layer of landscape skins lies a whisper, an unsettling rumor, a noisy silence that simultaneously evokes our confusion and our collective power. Cracks are bared, exposing the vulnerability of a tinnitus, a world that consumes itself, while in a subtle, barely perceptible way the revolt is hidden in a forced gesture, the fire of revolt camouflages itself in the thickness of the landscapes, the rumble of the number can be heard in a drawn, sounding and sculpted flow and reflux.

Image for Sound of Silence
© Océane Moussé
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