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Publication Launch and Artist Talk

with Franzis Kabisch, Adi Liraz and Zoë Claire Miller

Accompanying the exhibition Imagination of Bodily Autonomy we are happy to present a publication, containing the photographic exhibition documentation and work texts in German and English as well as three additional guest contributions, which explore the topic of bodily autonomy in different ways. The guest contributions include texts by Amaranta Gómez Regalado (Mexican Muxe social anthropologist and political activist), Franzis Kabisch (Abortion TV) as well as an interview by Aliza Shvarts with Viva Ruiz (Thank God for Abortions).

The launch of the publication will be accompanied by a conversation with artists Adi Liraz and Zoë Claire Miller and author Franzis Kabisch, moderated by curator Nina Marlene Kraus, discussing artistic and cinematic approaches to the topic of bodily autonomy.

The discussion will be held in German.

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