Confessed Murmur


Lisa Stertz is an artist and educator, who works in the performative and healing realms. Through her studies in media, philosophy and art she became both, a savant and a maker. Lisa Stertzs interest in movement based practices led her to be a sojourner of Butoh, Noguchi-Taiso, Baguazhang, Taiji Quan, and meditation. Recently she finished an apprenticeship to become a Dervish Whirling Teacher, enriching her knowledge and fields of action.

Yunuen Rhi is a xicanx-korean non-binary wellness consultant, martial and performance artist, reverse anthropologist, and medicine person. She has cultivated herself in western, eastern and native medicine pathways to develop containers for consciousness. Her performance art often incorporates martial, ritual and psychomagic elements. Her performance intention leans on building radical and tender community bridges as an accountable social practice.

In Confessed Murmur the artists bring their practices together to respond to the content of the exhibition. This encounter is an exchange of energies and addresses the inevitability of change.

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© David Suarez
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