The picture shows an orange-colored woven work.
© © Alvaro Sardà

Keep away from Fire

Today, work no longer only serves to secure livelihoods and satisfy needs, but has moved to the centre of human consciousness. Increased productivity and efficiency are seen as sources of self esteem and self fulfillment — as well as of self-exploitation. In the exhibition Keep Away from Fire, Mariona Berenguer investigates how this work culture affects creative processes and the value and belief systems underlying it.

Keep Away from Fire is a poetic and at the same time critical investigation into what it means to be working as an artist in our contemporary society. The exhibition outlines a space of deceleration and reflection through sculptural, textile, painted, graphic, and installative means. It brings together three large-scale groups of works produced especially for this exhibition, loosely corresponding to the three major periods in the history of labour: technology, religion, and industry.

Participating artists